Research Project in Interfaces and Instruments: Applications in Sonic Art



The PRICES project is a project standing in the area of artistic studies focused on sonic and  musical field. This project intends to  contribute for the conception and development of digital tools and instruments for musical expression, by means of the enlargement and widening of the knowledge in the musical expression domain and its application in the implementation and parameterize of instruments of musical creation. In compliance with the digital technologies reality, this project proposes some solutions to the difficulties that the creators find in the commercial solutions, specifically at the level of the control accesses, reconfiguration and parameterize of their own tools. These solutions are articulated in three main areas :

(1) Construction of music digital instruments;

 (2) Development of software for musical composition;

(3) Development of software for management of performances and/or installations using multiple video projection, multichannel audio and appealing to interactivity with the spectator.

However, we must mention that these areas are not closed and that some of the mentioned sub-projects reveal transversally symptoms, namely through the circulation of know-how and the fact that they will contribute, in the majority of the cases, for more broader artistic results.


Finally, we must point out that project results of the total reformulation of PRICES-2004 project benefiting, now, of a better objectives definition. In fact, this project includes, as sub-projects or research fields, post-doctoral projects which are in currently under development. This gives to the project a solid background and a benefit from the synergies created from these jointed research forces.


Paulo Ferreira Lopes

Carlos Caires

Antonio de Sousa Dias